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Edinburgh University NestlÚ Boycott Campaign

Students Voted NO to NestlÚ at Annual General Meeting!

On 10 November 2004, students at Edinburgh University voted by a large majority to continue the boycott of NestlÚ in union shops. 1.5 million infants die each year in the developing world because they are not properly breastfed. NestlÚ is the subject of an international boycott campaign because its aggressive marketing deliberately undermines mothers' confidence in breastfeeding, leading to malnutrition and death for thousands of infants.

Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) is one of around 70-80 students unions in the UK that are part of the boycott. This boycott was challenged at the EUSA Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2004, where over 85% of students voted against the return of NestlÚ, giving a new democratic mandate for the boycott.

Click here to view the original boycott campaign site.

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